Treatment of a brain aneurysm in Israel


Лечение аневризмы головного мозга в ИзраилеAmong the most dangerous pathologies that occur in the blood vessels of the brain, is aneurysm. For many years this disease practically does not manifest itself, and only in cases where there is a rapid increase the damaged area of the vessel, the patient develops pronounced symptoms of a neurological orientation.

General information about the disease

Medical professionals there are many cases when a person for several decades he lived with this dangerous disease and not even know about its existence. And only in the gap portion of the vessel of the patient were diagnosed with aneurysm itself, which in 80-90% of cases led to death.

In case of detection of small foci of damaged blood vessels to the patient, an individual program. Its main purpose is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and elimination of harmful factors, which can affect the blood vessels of the brain. The patient must also undergo an annual inspection and examination by a neurosurgeon. If the diagnosis of the body not revealed a significant increase in the convexity of the vessel, then apply the so-called expectant management.

This is not the case with large aneurysms. They pose a real threat to human life. And if during the examination the patient had identified this pathology, it is extra hospitalitynet.

Risk factor

1. Frequent head injuries in children
2. Violations in the tangle of veins and arteries
3. All kinds of vascular pathology
4. Hypertension the second and third stages

Increased risk of aneurysm rupture is also observed in people who were diagnosed with atherosclerosis and syphilis.


– Partial or complete loss of vision due to compression of the optic nerve
– Slight headache in the region of the eyeballs
– In the later stages of the disease occur neurological disorders
– Large pockets of damaged blood vessels can cause seizures


Treatment of a brain aneurysm in Israel starts first of all with informative diagnostics. Especially carefully checked the blood vessels. For these purposes, Israeli doctors use the following methods:

– X-ray examination
The combination of computed tomography and angiography
– Total blood count and biochemistry
– Physical examination
– Puncture of the spinal canal


As mentioned above, in case of detection of small lesions, the patient requires periodic monitoring and obsledovaniy. Any targeted treatment with no. If diagnosis blood vessels revealed a life-threatening the patient’s pathology, then there should be an additional more informative obsledovanie. After obtaining all tests and data, the experts decide on the safest method of treatment of a brain aneurysm in Israel. During the selection methods of experts takes into account all peculiarities of the patient, as well as other secondary factors that affect the outcome of the treatment.


1. Clipping
2. Endovascular surgery type
3. Expectant management

Disease prognosis

Approximately 92-96% of cases, the damaged section of the vessel of the brain reveal after his rupture and subsequent hemorrhage. This late detection of the disease leads to a number of deaths: about half of patients die after rupture of the aneurysm and within a month after surgery. And 12-13% of patients have serious neurological disorders. Therefore, the survival rate of patients depends mainly on the speed of emergency medical care and professionalism of neurosurgeons.


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