Treasurer of the Vatican was put in jail for pedophilia


Казначея Ватикана посадили в тюрьму за педофилиюThe incident occurred in Melbourne.

In Melbourne, Australia, the court sentenced 77-year-old cardinal George Pell to six years in prison for sexual abuse of children.

Three years and eight months in prison Pell will serve his sentence without the right of parole.

As noted, the court reduced the period of imprisonment without the right of parole due to his age, Treasurer.

According to the judge sentencing the attack of the priest for his victims was “arrogant”, adding that the cardinal attacked the boys with “callous indifference to the suffering of the victims”.

After the verdict one of the victims, the cardinal said that it was difficult for him to “calm down on this result.”

“For me there is no rest. I’m doing my best to keep myself and my family together.”

It is noted that earlier the defense Pell said that he will appeal the court’s decision.

The court of appeal must hear the case in early June.


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