Travesty diva Monroe talked about their plastic surgery


Diva Monroe admitted, what cosmetic procedure makes regularly to enjoy themselves.

14 March, has issued a new interview with transvestite diva Monroe, which she gave to the YouTube channel and OUR LIVE. Ukrainian celebrity answered intriguing and even provocative questions, and she does not hesitate to disclose some details of their personal lives.

So, the conversation turned to daily procedures and schedule Monroe. To this the star replied that sleep at least 8 hours and an hour before that, out of Network, relax. Sport is an integral part of Monroe’s life, and prevent can only snowfall or heavy rain.

But sport is not the only thing that helps celebrities to be happy with myself. Monroe admitted that he has resorted to cosmetic procedures.

“Every six months I Kohl himself btext and once in a year and a half I’m making up for the volume in the lips and in the upper third of the face… I do not understand why be ashamed of what is natural. Maybe someone can’t afford it, but if it allows you not to like yourself in the mirror, why not to say,” commented Monroe.


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