Travel with Pets – what documents are required


Путешествия с домашними животными - какие документы потребуются

Pets – not flowers in pots, they need watering. Not every pet will agree to endure the absence of the owners. If a bird or cat, you can still attach to time with friends, with dogs more difficult.

Representatives of some species recognize only the owner. Even if you attach them on tour in a dedicated paid nursery, still such a change in life can cause animals severe psychological trauma, a dog’s personality will deteriorate

We need not to go anywhere, or take the animal with him. However, there are certain rules:

  • crossing the border with animals.
  • content of the animal at the hotel.

In some Muslim countries, for example, to keep the dog at any residential premises not taken or categorically prohibited, since such behavior is in conflict with religious principles.

The questions of the tourists


  • How to translate a dog or cat across the border?
  • What documents need to submit in order to avoid problems?
  • Is it possible to carry birds?
  • Whether you want to book a ticket for a guide dog?
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    Preparing to travel with Pets

    If a tourist is going to travel with the animal, then he is obliged to inform the travel agent. Further, all questions will need to be aligned with the carrier.

    Here is a list of documents that need to be collected for crossing the border with animals.


  • A veterinary certificate. This is issued by the state vet. The document shall include:
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    • the initials of the owner;
    • sex of the animal;
    • the age of the animal;
    • nickname;
    • the list of vaccinations for rabies, other dangerous diseases (they are made in the period of 12 months. up to 30 days. before departure);
    • the results of tests for the presence of worms.


  • The certificate must specify the route.
  • You will need to legalize the document:
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    • signature of the veterinarian;
    • the seal of the veterinary facility.

    Additional terms


  • This document is issued by only state institution, and 3 days before the tour.You should check with your carrier what way he agrees to transport an animal, how much it costs.
  • You may need a cage. But large dogs must be muzzled.
  • Will have to reserve a separate compartment, if the tourist travels by train with a large dog.
  • Is not only the size of the dog (the weight of this “baggage” along with cage), but her breed.
  • Birds and four-footed animals transported in the aircraft, are located in the Luggage compartment.
  • If we are talking about a dog-a guide dog, then you need:
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    • to submit a certificate of special training;
    • to book a place.

    These animals are located in the rear seats in the cabin at the feet of the master tied the leash to the chair. Must be muzzled. They are carried free of charge.

    A licence to export


  • To tourist was accused of illegal export of animals (smuggling), we need to enlist the testimony of the Association of handlers (fans of other animals), to obtain a license for export. If a dog with a distinguished pedigree, a license is not required. Then presented documentary evidence of pedigree.
  • For the export of cats you need to contact the club breeders. The validity of the documents shall confirm the employee of customs and veterinary control.
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  • If the traveler will get the animal abroad, you will need to present the import permit.
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    Such issues may be very much and each situation should be considered individually.

    Keep in mind that the tour may fall because of improper execution of a document or of failure to provide the necessary papers at the border. Also, the carrier is entitled to refuse the tourist in the transportation of this animal, as he does not have the capacity to do so.


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