Travel to Ukraine: where to go on holidays in may


Путешествуем по Украине: куда поехать на майские праздникиSmall travel bring great memories.

In 2018, the Ukrainians will still be “celebrating” may 1, and four days. This is because the government Monday, April 30, “moved” on Saturday, may 5. Thus was formed a long weekend that would be a shame to miss viviva who knows what in the jungles.

To escape somewhere abroad in such a short period of time. But the rest in Ukraine – is possible. We have prepared several interesting places of the capital, you can go for may.

1. Lviv – Golden horseshoe castles – Truskavets – Skhidnytsia

The Western direction of travel in our country is popular no matter what time of year in the yard. The tourist capital of Ukraine – at least do Lvov deeply convinced of this – it is not included in the world cultural heritage of UNESCO. Streets, cafes and restaurants in Lviv, you can travel indefinitely. Walking the old cobbled streets of the city center you can hear different languages of the world. And four day weekend here to conduct interesting and meaningful.

Who can not sit still, it is possible to travel around the surrounding castles and palaces, United in a kind of “Golden horseshoe”. Or get healthier “on the waters” in the South of Lviv region. Locals joke: “If you walk then go to Truskavets and if medical treatment in the Resort”.

How to get to Lviv by train to the end of the month for another few weeks, and on the website of “Ukrzaliznytsya” second-class tickets could not be found; coupé and “intercity” – from 500 UAH; by bus – from 500 UAH; BlaBlaCar – 300-350 UAH.

Путешествуем по Украине: куда поехать на майские праздники

2. Kamyanets-Podilskiy – Bakota – Khotyn

A real medieval fortress can be found just a few hours of travel from Kiev. Kamenetz-Podolsk is located in a unique place – nature millions of years ago taken care of to obtain access to the area where the castle is located, was very difficult. The city flows the river Smotrich, which gave the name to the canyon. During the tour of this “pearl of Podillya” you can tell about how much gold left the Armenian community before the city was captured by the Turks several centuries ago. And as the Christian Church was… the minaret.

In Kamenetz-Podolsk district is submerged village of Bakota. Dniester there doing fancy flourishes – is where to look. Amazing in its beauty of the place.

At a distance of 30 km from Kamianets-Podilskyi is located another fortress – Khotyn. Majestic tall walls, medieval entertainment, you can experience how our ancestors lived centuries ago.

How to get to Kamenets-Podolsky: by train – UAH 145 for a seat direct train from Kiev at 8:00 in transit; bus 450-470 UAH. BlaBlaCar – 340-540 UAH.

Путешествуем по Украине: куда поехать на майские праздники

3. Uzhgorod – Mukachevo – Shenborn Palace

In Transcarpathia are already blooming cherry, Magnolia and other exotic plants. So fans of flora, wine and food can be “peeled ski” in this area. Nearby castles and palaces, e.g., Nevitsky castle, Palanok castle, as well as whimsical-a symbolic Palace of the counts of schönborn. In which, they say you can count up to 365 Windows, 52 chimneys and 12 inputs.

How to get to Uzhgorod by train – compartment ticket about 580 UAH .; bus 820-880 UAH .; BlaBlaCar – 550 UAH.

Путешествуем по Украине: куда поехать на майские праздники

4. Ivano-Frankivsk – Yaremche – Kolomyya – .

Instead of Transcarpathia is possible to travel in the Carpathian region. The residents of Ivano-Frankivsk city are called your “warm” or “Sunny” – Sun-Frankivsk. And it is not so much due to average temperature or number of Sunny days, but because of the prevailing atmosphere here. It’s quieter than the noisy Lviv or Kiev. As in Lviv, you can find where to eat and a leisurely walk in the center.

Near this regional center is a local resort capital – Yaremche. With a waterfall and Hutsul kolyba flavor. However, to meet an even wider selection of local Handicrafts, you should go to Kolomyja, Kosiv or Kuta. It is advisable to learn when there are market days.

How to get to Ivano-Frankivsk by train – 330-480 UAH .; bus 650-680 UAH .; BlaBlaCar – 300-400 UAH.

Путешествуем по Украине: куда поехать на майские праздники

5. Odessa – Belgorod-Dniester – Vilkovo

If someone is irresistibly drawn to the sea, then a direct route to Odessa. The sea capital of Ukraine, will delight at least the eyes of travelers the Black sea. It is unlikely that it warms up for may so that will be long and happy swimming. But to enjoy the sea air – it please. And yet – delicious cuisine and local flavor. Well, it does not go to bargain in the famous Privoz market.

Four days is enough and in order to get outside of Odessa. For example, in Ukraine’s largest fortress, located in Belgorod-Dniester. As the name suggests this city is on the banks of the Dniester. It’s not far to the “Ukrainian Venice” – Vilkovo village. From which you can descend the Danube to the “zero kilometer” – the confluence of this river into the Black sea.

How to get to Odessa by train – 125 (economy class) UAH. 500 (coupe), UAH .; bus – 400-500 UAH .; BlaBlaCar – 300-400 UAH.

Путешествуем по Украине: куда поехать на майские праздники


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