Transparency International calls on the authorities of Britain to check the apartment Shuvalov


Transparency International требует от властей Британии проверить апартаменты Шувалова

The British branch of Transparency International has demanded from the British authorities to verify the legitimacy of acquisition of real estate in London, which presumably belongs to the family of the President of Azerbaijan, a former Libyan major General, head of the Parliament of Nigeria, former Prime Minister of Pakistan. Also, the number of objects that need to test yet, got the property first Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Igor Shuvalov. Wrote about this on his page in Facebook spokesman for the Russian branch of the organization Ilya Shumanov.

According to him, there are two apartments with a value of 11.44 million pounds, which is located in London at Whitehall court, 4.

The Fund Navalny found in the London apartment of Igor Shuvalov worth nearly 688 million rubles

“Shuvalov to prove that he bought the London property for a legitimate income most likely will, but the fact of the need to present Igor Ivanovich receipts and invoices to confirm income, put in the column debit and credit is of course a magical attraction. And knowing the Brits they can make it public,” concluded Schumann.


About posh estate Shuvalov told Alexei Navalny and his Foundation of the FBC.

As reported in his blog, the opposition, the apartment Shuvalov, covering an area of almost 500 square meters, six bedrooms, a dining room with two fireplaces, a living room with a Grand piano. As it turned out, at the time, big apartment was combined from two smaller apartments.

The house, which is a luxurious apartment standing on the shore of the Thames, earlier this building housed the headquarters of the intelligence organization, MI6. According to the investigation of the FBC, since 2003, the apartment has been recorded in a number of different offshore. The last one was Sova Real Estate, according to the Russian register, the company belongs to the Deputy Prime Minister and his wife, Olga Shuvalova. According to the Fund of struggle against corruption, in August 2014, Shuvalov purchased this apartment from its own offshore for 11.4 million pounds (about 688 million).


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