Translations by phone number will cost a pretty penny


Переводы по номеру телефона влетят в копеечку

Some banks have already introduced a fee for money transfers in the so-called quick payments (SBP), others are going to do it soon.

January 28 marks exactly one year since, on the initiative of the Bank of Russia has introduced a system of quick payments: customers of banks connected to the system, now can log in online account and transfer money by phone instantly and free.

The service became wildly popular before the transfer, banks charge a Commission average 1.5%, and the transfer reached the recipient usually about a day. However, free cheese quickly finished at the end of last year the Russians found out about that 2019 was a pilot: 2020 for transfers will have to pay.

Such a scenario, as it turned out, was provided by the Bank of Russia from the beginning of the input of the URS. From January 1 for each transfer of his client (including the account of another client of the same Bank), the Bank must pay the Bank a Commission from 50 kopecks to 3 rubles.

The amount of seemingly penny. If not for one thing – the banks themselves for their clients with the new year shall be entitled to set any tariffs for money transfers in the system of quick payments.

FAS has approached banks with a request not to start right from the beginning to tear up with their clients on three skins. After all, the Russians, accustomed for 2019 to the translations for free, it will be difficult to go directly to the translation from tangible by the Commission.

But the banks to the difficulties of the customers were deaf. They, apparently, all 2019 rubbed his sweaty little hands, dreaming about how in 2020 will take vengeance on the lovers to make instant payments in full, some banks have already introduced on 1 January, Commission in the amount of 1.2-1.5%, other determined fixed rate – 30-35 rubles per outgoing transfer.

That is, banks have with the client at least 10 times more than they pay to the Central Bank. However, to introduce a fee for customers, banks are not forced, at their discretion they may leave payments by phone number free.

While the service remains free for customers in a number of banks. However, it is unknown whether these banks made the decision not to take a Commission or do they just calculate and economize on how much they will be more profitable to rip off the customer.


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