Tragedy in Kazakhstan: the bus was burned alive 52 people


Трагедия в Казахстане: в автобусе заживо сгорели 52 человека Only a few passengers managed to escape.

In Aktobe region of Kazakhstan as a result of ignition of the bus killed 52 people. Information was confirmed by official representative of Committee of emergency situations Ruslan Imankulov.

“January 18, 2018 at 10:30 (Astana time) in the Irgiz district of Aktobe region, 1068 km of road “Samara-Shymkent”, 10 km from the village of Kalybai, while driving there was a fire a passenger bus “Ikarus”. There were 55 passengers and 2 drivers. Citizenship is established”, – said Imankulov.

According to him, five passengers managed to escape.

“The remaining 52 people were killed on the spot,” he informed.

Currently, the five surviving passengers provided medical aid by the staff of EN-route medical and rescue points emergency medical Center disaster Committee.

“In the Department of emergency situations of Aktobe region deployed operational headquarters. Organized the hot line of the psychological service”, – said the representative of the Committee for emergency situations.


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