Toyota will fight with the hijackers tear gas


Toyota будет бороться с угонщиками слезоточивым газомNew anti-theft system.

Japanese company Toyota has patented system fragrance, which is able to let in salon of the car with tear gas, if it is trying to steal.

Toyota is a very conservative company when it comes to the introduction of new automotive technology that makes this patent even more interesting.

Document registered with the patent and trademark office (USPTO), describes a system that lets tear gas into the vehicle interior directly through the ducts of the climate control system, if the onboard computer detects a break-in or attempted theft.

In principle, such “protivougonki” is part of the normal system air aromatization, which now has a Mercedes-Benz or BMW. It similarly, you can choose the desired scent out of the vents and by installing a cartridge, but the “trick” Toyota is that the car learns the driver’s smartphone and automatically selects his favorite perfume. But if the car opens the man without a connected smartphone, instead of the fresh flavor he gets a dose of tear gas. Perhaps this is a new level of standard anti-theft devices, but the question remains, what happens next.

Locked if the door locks, so the attacker could not escape, dripping tears, and leave the car open in the street? In this case, there is a chance the repeated attempts of theft. However, patents with unusual ideas, unfortunately, rarely implemented, so it is unlikely we ever will know about it.


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