Toyota confirmed the emergence of a new GT86


Toyota подтвердила появление новой GT86Both cars will receive a “zubrowska” motor and transmission.

The company refuted earlier rumors that the current generation of the coupe will be the model for the latter.

Informed about the impending second-generation GT86 told the Australian division of Toyota, and today, March 22, this information the publication Autocar has confirmed the head of marketing Department of Toyota Europe’s Matt Harrison. According to a top Manager of the company, the Toyota GT86 has established itself in many markets, and it had its own audience, which does not overlap with the fans of the revived Supra. These two sports car “will perfectly get along with each other in the model lineup,” said Harrison.

About the next generation GT86 is known, that the novelty, like the first generation coupe will be built in collaboration with Subaru. In “Subaru” in turn, this model will, as before, be sold under the name BRZ. While both cars will receive a “zubrowska” motor and transmission.

As mentioned Supra, it will be sold on the Russian market. Earlier it was reported that the quota for the country will amount to 22 copies.

Supra equipped 3-liter inline six-cylinder engine capacity of 340 HP, active sport differential with electronic control and an adaptive suspension. This sports car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds.

New Supra debuted in early 2019. Recall, a sports car shared a platform and powertrain with the BMW Z4 Roadster. Production of the Toyota Supra manufactured at the BMW plant in Austria.


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