Toyota and Mazda have agreed on joint cooperation


Toyota и Mazda договорились о совместном сотрудничествеThe two companies will create a joint electric car.

Toyota tries to achieve success in the growing market of electric vehicles. To do this, the company will join forces with Mazda and automotive supplier Denso. About the decision to write Engadget and Electrec.

Toyota claim that the strategy was influenced by the tightening of emissions standards of greenhouse gases worldwide.

The agreement between the three companies will encompass a wide range of models from passenger cars and SUVs to small trucks. The contribution of the Mazda will be in planning and computer modeling, while Denso will fall on the development of electronics. To manage the collaboration will form a new company EV C. A. Spirit Co., Ltd.

Its aim will be the study of the overall architecture required for electric vehicles, testing of vehicles, created in the framework of cooperation, and viability assessment of the final product. Toyota considers their actions as a way of sharing resources between Mazda and Toyota, and counts on cooperation with other automakers and suppliers that can lead to creating a new standard of electric vehicles. A new initiative of the Japanese company is a big step forward compared to last year, when Toyota announced the establishment of a unit of electric vehicles, said the project is just 4 engineers.

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The plans of Toyota and Mazda — market fully electric vehicles in 2020 and 2019, respectively. Six months ago Toyota has already demonstrated an electric Lexus.


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