Tourists have called the most disappointing attractions


Туристы назвали самые разочаровывающие достопримечательностиDo not expect from them too much.

Among the huge number of interesting places and attractions in the world, there are those that simply obliged to visit every self-respecting tourist at least once in your life. Upon closer inspection, sometimes it turns out that the dream does not justify expectations. Among the most disappointing attractions turn out to be the most popular.

The Spanish steps

This attraction is so well publicized that many, barely hitting the rim, then go to see the famous staircase. However, to see it empty is not possible. And the architecture is eclipsed by the surrounding majestic buildings.

Eiffel tower

When you visit the Eiffel tower, many were experiencing severe disappointment. Even Parisians think this building is absolutely ugly and does not fit into the style of the romantic city. She is beautiful only in the night, when the lights are on, and the tower shimmers in the lights. However, nothing surprising in this disappointment there, because the tower was originally conceived as the arch that adorned the entrance of the world exhibition in 1889 and was supposed to be only during the exhibition. The only thing that can reconcile the visitor with reality, is an incredibly beautiful view from the observation deck of the structure.


The British have not understand what this monument attracts so many tourists. In this place there is nothing mystical. Look at the stones from afar are just not interested, and approach them closely and to touch only on certain days. Although there are people who consider Stonehenge a place of power, because there is plenty of evidence that the building was used for ritual ceremonies.

Manneken Pis

One of the most famous symbols of Brussels is proving to be a small sculpture, which reaches a height of only 61 cm. To be photographed with the statue, you need to defend a huge queue, and then try to make a frame to the photograph was not a roomful of strangers.

The white house

It is unknown what the expectations are forcing travelers to seek the White house, but they come out of there disappointed. In fact, it is a regular office building, which is open access to tourists. The architecture of the White house is of no great interest, but for the Americans the seat of the President is a symbol of stability and prosperity.

The Egyptian pyramids

Many tourists, expecting to see a magnificent building in the middle of the eternal Sands, are not ready to reigning around the vanity. The pyramid of Cheops, belonging to one of the Seven wonders of the world, never ceases to amaze with its monumentality, but the large population makes it impossible to enjoy the spectacle in full.

Times square

In fact, a symbol of American life is banal square in the center of new York. There are a lot of people, advertising posters, and shimmering lights. To visit here, of course, necessary, but it is better not to expect from the visit, nothing outstanding, to not worry about it then.

Mona Lisa

The famous Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo da Vinci, on closer examination, doesn’t so cryptic. While around the portrait of Lisa del Giocondo always collected as connoisseurs and simple spectators. Those who see the painting for the first time may just be too in a hurry and do not have time to examine the artwork in detail.

Brandenburg gate

Today the gate has become the symbol of German reunification, are so well integrated into the architecture of Berlin that don’t seem to be something grandiose. Gates of the World disappoint tourists with its routine.

The leaning tower of Pisa

Italian character also appeared in the list of popular, but not too impressive sights. Externally a leaning bell tower, known the photos, inside is nothing special. Moreover, to make a classic photograph of a tourist leaning support structure that is not so easy: there is still about two hundred people wanting to do the exact same photo. Because of this, the picture is not very beautiful, but the disappointment is substantial.


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