Tourists are told that you ought to see in Norway


Туристам рассказали, что непременно стоит увидеть в НорвегииThe country that is impossible to forget.

To Norway to go just for the scenic routes, has won the recognition of numerous tourists from all over the world. In these parts everyone will find peace, harmony and inspiration. Distant roads, rural landscapes, combined with unusual architectural landmarks will make your trip memorable and emotional.

Norwegian routes played an important role in the tourism industry. The country began to flock to the talented architects who created amazing creations, for which in Norway are driving many travelers to get aesthetic pleasure.

Road Trolls

When in Norway were on the trade route, which is now called Trollstigen or by trolley. This route consists of winding roads with eleven steep curves and turns into an impassable area when snow falls (November-may).

Туристам рассказали, что непременно стоит увидеть в Норвегии

The main attraction of the route is a viewing area. The site to admire the panorama is a miracle of architecture. This whole area is in limbo over the valley. From Parking lot to cable car can be reached in an amazing cafe in the art Nouveau style, with lovely views of the mountain range of Norway.

Туристам рассказали, что непременно стоит увидеть в Норвегии

The Atlantic road

Another attraction of Norway is the route By Drone. This road stretches along the beautiful island, allowing you to admire the sea views and the nature of the Islands in the neighborhood. This project was designed by the architects of Oslo. They have focused on the materials inherent to this area, in particular structures made of stainless steel, making them durable and strong.

Туристам рассказали, что непременно стоит увидеть в Норвегии

The Construction Of Reiulf Ramstad Architects

Another architectural marvel is the line connecting the Trollstigen and Geiranger. Track team and resistant to weather conditions, even the most extreme. An integral part of the tour is the symbiosis of the natural landscape and stylish architectural structures. Together, this creates unforgettable emotions of delight and enjoyment.

Туристам рассказали, что непременно стоит увидеть в Норвегии

If you decide to travel via the scenic routes in Norway, be prepared to visit a fairy tale. Panorama, which will open your eyes, as if descended from the illustrations in the brochures of travel agencies. Roofs of rural houses covered with grass, green mounds and dense woods, Sunny fields and desert mountains – all this fills the soul with incredible emotions, which come to Norway travelers, and some not for the first time.

Most of the routes are open to travelers all year round but the ideal time to see Norway in all its glory is from early spring to mid-autumn. It was then that the local nature is especially beautiful and delightful. No doubt that you will not leave you indifferent.


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