TOP 5 mistakes in caring for teeth


ТОП-5 ошибок в уходе за зубами

For most people, morning and evening brushing your teeth is an everyday process, the correctness of which no one thinks. And for good reason! Most people daily make mistakes, sooner or later, begin to affect the health of teeth and lead to tooth decay.

And in some cases inevitable extraction of the tooth which starts from four hundred rubles per tooth. Simple removal will cost 800 rubles, and the wisdom tooth is 2000 rubles. It is therefore very important to pay attention to proper teeth care, because it will not only help save you money, but also to maintain health.

1. Lack of brushing teeth before bedtime. In the morning, almost all used to brush your teeth, rinse your mouth, but in the evening, most people ignore much needed treatments, or cost only rinsing. But, in this case, during the night, actively develop bacteria. They gradually destroy the enamel that leads to cavities.

2. Brushing your teeth after eating any food. Practically all foods contain acids. First, they destroy tooth enamel and then the dentin. Toothbrush helps the acid to go deeper, even in the cracks. Accordingly, the process of destruction of tooth structure is accelerated.

3. Excessive pressure on the brush. If you carefully push the brush, over time the teeth will appear microtrauma. This, in turn, can lead to damage of the bone tissue of the tooth.

4. Improper use of dental floss. It helps to remove food debris and plaque in hard to reach places where a brush simply cannot reach. In the absence of proper cleansing of the oral cavity, a gigantic amount of bacteria built up over time and cause bleeding, bad breath and inflammation.

5. Long use of brush. Replacement toothbrush should be held at least once in 2-3 months. According to studies, people who ignore these recommendations suffer from gum disease more often than those who listen to the advice of experts.

In addition, it is recommended to undergo a checkup at the dentist once in six months or a year. The procedure of inspection will help to detect possible illnesses in the initial stage, to prevent complications and the time to cure without removal of problematic teeth.


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