Took Potap Nastia Kamenskih your wedding gift


Ukrainian producer Potap, according to fans of the couple, went on a business trip on the plane, which he gave to Nastya Kamenskih.

After her marriage to producer Potap attention to her person seems to have become only more. Married Kamensky and Potap 13 years after the start of joint work. In the honeymoon the couple went to warm on the plane, which according to the wife of Positive Ani Andreychuk-Zavgorodniy Potap Kamenskih gave, reports the with reference to

Yesterday, July 14, Potapov published in his Instagram a new photo. It depicted the rapper with team members Mozgi. In the photo all but Positive, photographed near a small private plane.

Attentive fans noticed that this is the plane on which the family of Nastya and Potap went to vacation right after the wedding: “On Nastina the plane?”, “A plane Nastia!”, “That’s our plane UR-WRR”.


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