Took food from a homeless person in good faith


In St. Petersburg there was a very strange incident in one of the KFC: story told of a young man in his Facebook. According to him, he stopped for lunch at a café near the metro station “Grazhdansky Prospekt”, where he was approached by a homeless man and asked for food:

Surprised review PR-Director of the restaurant Pulikovskogo. He said that there will be an investigation, but the employee deystovat good faith: “For the safety of our guests, employees are being asked of persons without a certain residence be removed from the restaurant.” The answer, of course, not gone unnoticed in the social. networks:


In fact, of course, no one has the right to expel visitors from the cafe, not to mention the fact, to take away his food and throw it away. The homeless man was not drunk, did not violate public order. Catering means a contractual provision of public services. Just finding people in this place to drive it is impossible. To serve — even if he buys the cloth for the ruble are required. And so the question is, who bought human food at all should not touch the house.



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