Too open swimsuit made 17-year-old athlete known (photo)


Слишком открытый купальник сделал 17-летнюю спортсменку известной (фото)

Even if you’re the best swimmer of Alaska, this does not mean that you can wear a skimpy bathing suit to the competition. Roughly this sense has been invested in the disqualification of the high school Brechin Willis, who competed in swimming events in anchorage. “You could see her rolls touch each other”, – such statement was made by the referee, leaving shocked parents and forced to endure the rest of the athletes.

The tournament was held as usual, the heroine of the story even managed to win swim 100 meters freestyle and was going to be in two other programs, but suddenly the referee was replaced by Jill Blackstone. Athlete barely managed to pass the second race at the distance of 200 metres complex, as was immediately disqualified.

She was surprised, because did not break any rules. The referee reported that she trimmed the bottom part of the swimsuit, exposing himself. According to the rules of the Federation of secondary school boys swimmers are required to cover the buttocks, and the girls buttocks and Breasts.

Слишком открытый купальник сделал 17-летнюю спортсменку известной (фото)

Swimsuit athletes was fine, it was sewn on all the rules and regulations of the sport. It should be noted that a significant role was played by the “wrong race”, its curvy shape and personal dislike of the referee to all the above. How else to explain the fact that the girl managed to swim twice in the same swimsuit, but after the disqualification came in the team competition and none of the judges noticed violations.

During the scandal of Gill Blackstone was supported by the judges of the other dolls, believing that she intentionally pulled the swimsuit to showcase her sexuality. I don’t think a talented athlete and best swimmer of Alaska, one needed a demonstration of their shapes to win. “Everyone thinks the extent of his depravity” and the fact that the referee saw some kind of hidden meaning in the actions of the girls talking about his problems and the promotion of bodyshaping to the masses.

Слишком открытый купальник сделал 17-летнюю спортсменку известной (фото)



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