Tonya Matvienko shared with the fresh spicy photo shoot


Rare shot.

Singer Tonya Matvienko, who recently boasted a figure in a swimsuit, starred in a seductive new photo shoot.

The author of the shots was Oleg Phoenix. On a black and white photo fragile Matvienko appears in a seductive manner with her hair. As told to Tonya, the shooting was intended to showcase her new look.

“I think that if sometimes I sing my mother’s songs and folk, then I have to go out all the time on stage in embroidery and wreath. I’m a modern young girl to dress up and love different things, considering and embroidery, but this does not mean that I am out to her,” — said Matvienko.

Recall that in mid-October, Matviyenko revealed the lyric video for the song from Lama with photos from your wedding with Arsen Mirzoyan.


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