Tomorrow will be a war?


Завтра будет война?

The leading States are ready to undertake the redistribution of the world without Russia

Scientists and conflict resolution from Uppsala University shared a rather bleak predictions about the future foci of the third world war. They believe that the place where conflict breaks out, it may be South East Asia, Indo-Chinese or Indo-Pakistani border, the South China sea or the Korean Peninsula.

According to the newspaper “the Version” in the modern world there is a high level of international tension, and therefore the question of whether to wait for a third world war, is no longer relevant. Obviously, to wait. You should think about something else: when the thunder will strike, and where it will begin a global conflict. A lot of variants, besides, the growing ambitions of countries applying for world domination — China, Europe and the United States.

The power and influence at the disposal of the leading world powers are the result of military and economic power. Thus, the share of China in world GDP is 14%, the US contribution is 24% and the EU 25%. Russia is hopelessly lagging behind, and, indeed, the world may be of interest only to its raw materials inventory and a large unused space, which would like to assign in case of the same China.

In Europe, a lot of internal problems, but, nevertheless, China may consider her as a potential ally — of course, temporary. The leader of China, XI Jinping announced that China in three decades is firmly occupy the position of world leader, and on the difficult path of achieving the goal, China will need support. At this stage, Beijing has to offer Europe, whose economy is slowly but surely on the decline, the more favorable terms of cooperation, than the United States.

Today you can safely say about the loss of American control over European States, although it tries inertia to influence them. Despite this, the United States also got a set of options, and they will find something to counter China, for example, to draw closer to India.

It seems that Russia has no choice but to take the side of China and the EU. This will allow to secure itself against possible aggression on the part of Beijing, as well as to maintain a favorable economic partnership with Europe. In addition, neither China nor the EU can not oppose their nuclear weapons Arsenal of the United States, and therefore, they need Russia for the balance.

Indeed, by far too many parties interested in the repartition of the world and the war. From what point it starts, is not so important, but in any case, its scale will be enormous. As a consolation, the publication notes that the probability of use of nuclear weapons is extremely small, because everyone knows what it can result.

Almost inevitable war, according to experts, is unique in that it is global fronts, the confrontation will lead to a huge number of local centers, but will not be less fierce and bloody, and complicated the situation will be the actions of terrorists, fighting “against all”. The situation in Syria is a model of the future world war in miniature. And what about Russia? Near its borders will also be restless. After all, there are Transnistria, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Crimea, Donbass.

The war is in the hands of many countries, because it will bring only misery and devastation, but also will improve the economy by making it reboot. That’s what happened with US that the funds from the global conflict emerged from a deep crisis and has risen to new heights. The Russian elite seem to remember this historical precedent and believe that a reboot of the Russian economy through military means is not the worst scenario, as the prospects for peace for a reboot they don’t see.



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