To the Ground flies a giant meteorite


К Земле летит гигантский метеоритThe staff of space Agency NASA announced the approach of the meteorite bl987602 to the Earth’s atmosphere.

The object of the size of the block should land on January 7 in the waters of the Atlantic ocean.

Scientists have focused on the fact that the meteorite bl987602 will soon land on the Ground. According to estimates, the space object may burn in the atmosphere without falling to the planet’s surface. It should be noted that earlier it was reported that a meteorite the size of a multistory house may fall on 1 January, but the result is that the object changed trajectory, moving away from the Earth.

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According to the latest estimates, a meteorite falls on 7 January in the waters of the Eastern United States around the backwaters of the Atlantic ocean. Threats to the population it carries. Bl987602 first noticed in mid-December 2017, after which it was discovered that he approaches the surface of the Earth.


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