To the abolition of export duties on oil


К отмене вывозных пошлин на нефть

The Putin administration (supplied as “Medvedev’s government”) today announced the firm intention to six years to abolish export duties on oil and to increase the severance tax – a tax on extraction of mineral resources. Tied to the world price of black gold.

That is, embarked on the alignment of prices on fuel in Russia and in the West. And no “reverse excise taxes” (government payment of half the difference in fuel prices in Russia and in the EU) will not help. The Russian economy punch to the gut. For aligning fuel prices inside and outside the country, because our bosses did nothing to mitigate our climate and reduce the distance.

I wonder if these idiots understand that will begin if the gasoline and diesel fuel will go up? With logistics? Production? The agricultural industry? They will also begin to increase fees without lowering the severance tax?
Thus, they will begin to derail the very basis of their power/ownership – of the oil and gas company.

Now you inflated the met and found that gasoline from the Russian Federation whistles abroad, are preparing to introduce higher export duties on fuel. But export duties on crude oil do not rise. So, after your “saving actions” abroad will begin to gush crude oil, and refineries in the Russian Federation will lose momentum. You understand that by doing so will cause a shortage of fuel in Russia?

And that’s good. For while bosses thought pattern: I’m afraid some of the street uprisings of the lower classes. And as tightening the screws. Maximally complicate the organization of meetings. But above all rises the “elite” assholes. And its the rebellious part mobilizes the street. If the regime would gut oil and gas Corporation, at the same time ramming the entire Russian economy is in recession – how will it end?

The fact that you are on a sinking ship, figuratively speaking, pound crew and passengers in the hold and I will set over them submachine Zolotov, the fact of the flooding of the hold is not canceled. Flow in case, you know, fraught with the departure of the vessel to the bottom. Together with the gunners and bosses.

And it is not necessary to say that the tip may at any time to escape to the West. Not all! So Putin, Shoigu Bastrykin, Zolotov, Sechin, Rotenberg, Timchenko, Kovalchuk and the like “ozernikov” the West put on the bench of the Tribunal. And take away everything.

I’m afraid that they do not understand. Otherwise not stoked would be entrusted to the ship. Don’t need to see conspiracy theories where explanations are common enough of cretinism.


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