To take part in the show that mimics the human rights, I do not want and will not


Участвовать в спектакле, пародирующем правозащиту, я больше не хочу и не буду

I declare the termination of its membership in the Council for development of civil society and human rights under the President of the Russian Federation.
In my opinion, the format of activities of the HRC does not meet the needs of Russian society and the challenges that are before the HRC puts the President of the Russian Federation.

Public beating paramilitaries in the center of Moscow and the violent mass arrests across Russia, participants of non-violent civil protests and the lack of a coherent and adequate response of the HRC on these events were for me the last feature, which HRC member becomes impossible.

My request to hold an emergency public meeting of the Council with an invitation to representatives of the Moscow Government, Regardie, the interior Ministry, the so-called “Cossacks”, injured protesters, and journalists were, though supported by the majority of the members of the HRC, in fact, ignored.

I thought and still think that the work of the HRC should be as open and democratic, public and expeditious.
I have repeatedly said during meetings with Russian President all over the country about the killed journalists in Dagestan, the torture in prisons, the murders of imams in the Stavropol region, about political prisoners. Never bothered to respond to me, a member of the Council on these appeals.
Although the President himself said publicly that we need to understand.

I am grateful to the President of the Russian Federation for the invitation and for the opportunity to have something to do for the protection of human rights in Russia.
Of course, you could do more, but I’m sure, in our country a lot of decent and principled people who can interact with this System.

I thank all my colleagues for working with us and want to say that I respect for their actual citizenship, despite the theoretical differences in the history of Russia of XX century.

But to take part in the show that mimics the human rights, I do not want and will not.


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