“To sleep? Forget about it,” Milla Jovovich told about their problems in the last weeks of pregnancy


Milla Jovovich with the family. Photo: instagram.com/millajovovich

Famous Hollywood actress Milla Jovovich on his page on Instagram said, how are her last weeks of pregnancy.

So 44-year-old star has published a photo, which showed considerable pregnant belly under which admitted, he feels not the best way.

Under the Jovovich said that looking forward to when you can pick up your child and return to normal life. Milla wants to resume their training in the gym and be able to wear socks, not blushing from the effort.

I have had swollen ankles like an elephant, my back aches, my legs ache, I have to pee every 15 minutes. Sleep? Forget about it! Which is very annoying, because if the baby will be as noisy as our older daughter, we eyes put for the next few years – admitted Hollywood star,” wrote the actress.

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For those of you who don’t know me, I’m about to have our 3rd baby and I’m SO GRATEFUL for being pregnant again, especially at my age and I thank god everyday for blessing me, but Oh my lord am I ready to have this baby. 😂 2 weeks and change till we welcome our new little human and as every woman in history who has ever had a baby knows well, the last month is SO HARD! Ladies, what are some of your most uncomfortable memories from the last month before delivery? I mean, I seriously gotta relate to some Mama’s for a second! I’m fully elephant ankles, back pain, hips hurt, running to the bathroom every 15 minutes. And sleep? Forget it. Which is so annoying because if the baby is a screamer like our eldest was, we won’t be seeing the back of our eyes for the next few years!😅 Tbh, bring it on because as long as I can stretch again and go to the gym again and just be able to simply put my socks on again without turning red from the effort, I think I’ll be able to handle anything. The only positive is this awesome dress by @asos which i love and is so cool and comfy, but I’m wearing it so much because i only have a few nice maternity dresses! 2 weeks and change people. Let’s do this.✊🏼😎

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Even with all the difficulties, Milla Jovovich immensely happy to be pregnant, given that she is now 44 years old. During a previous pregnancy two years ago, the famous actress lost the baby.

Then she was five months filming abroad, and she had to do an emergency abortion after premature birth. This proved to be an extraordinary emotional shock for Mila Jovovich, which was forced to make a pause in your career and more time devoted to their health and education of daughters.

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Puppies and family=heaven🥰

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Who’s birthday, little ol me?😘 First of all, thanks to everyone for their messages and well wishes on my big day today! I can’t tell you how good it makes me feel to receive so much love from you all! I also want to say how tremendously grateful I am for all my blessings today. To be 44 and pregnant is already such a miracle and a god send, but on top of it, to have been woken up to a donut bouquet (there should literally be no other kind😆🍩) and balloons from my amazing children was the most incredible feeling in the world! Even despite me wanting to throw up after eating so many donuts at 7am!😂My heart is so full today!!! I send you all so much love!!❤I❤I❤it’s amazing

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Recall that Milla Jovovich and her third husband, Director Paul Anderson, have two daughters — 11-year old Eva Gabo and 4-year-old Dashiel Eden. In may, the actress and model said that two years ago she survived an emergency abortion at the fifth month of pregnancy.

Also, we reported that Milla Jovovich graced the cover of Italian ELLE.

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