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Накопить на старость и жить в удовольствие

US citizen earns their state pension has over 10 years ‘ legal work.

My first acquaintance with the life of seniors in the U.S. unexpectedly took place after I, going to America, booked via Internet a room in a private house. The three-story great American tower is a fifteen minute metro ride to downtown Washington proved to be the property of two pensioners of Philip and Susan. They are both over 70, but they look younger than their years (especially Susie). In this house, as I told the owners, they live for 30 years. It is filled with warmth of life and Antiques. Phil, for example, sometimes gets a century ago, the Edison gramophone, which, imagine, still works. The spacious hallway is also the antediluvian American machine for the production of corn flakes — it is also for single entourage. Like old-time radio, which Susie bought forty years ago. He appeared to be quite functional — they put music wave on thanksgiving Day that America celebrates 400 years ago. And it sounded, in my opinion, is not worse than the modern radio.

For the life of the Mitchells were engaged in business they had several large stores: sold furniture, motorcycles, etc. When approached retirement, to sell the business failed due to poor market conditions in 2008-2009, so they had to close. Children of the couple of Mitchell rose, and Susan and Phil found themselves in that big house all alone — four sons, daughter-in-law (married while only one in USA with this young not in a hurry), and two grandchildren visit here more often than on major holidays.

The main attraction of the house and proud of the home — spacious kitchen (25 meters), filled with the various utensils required for cooking, frying and in the production of delicacies, which are famous among the friends of the couple. The championship is here, unconditionally, given to Susie — she is a master at preparing the most exquisite dishes. But her husband, Philip, gives her a head start in desserts, recipes for them, he draws from ancient records, even his grandmother, who was, according to him, from Eastern Europe. “The old Czechoslovakia,” said Phil, showing them to me proudly. (Among other things, I found a recipe for “the Dove”, that is, stuffed cabbage, and “Kalecki”, that is cakes.) The Mitchell house is always open to many friends, Susie often prepares food and carry it to those who for health reasons can no longer serve himself. So, incidentally, do many retired Americans. It here just fine.

The Mitchells, in addition to the house, owned a bit of land around, where every blade of grass, cultivated flowers, shrubs and trees frame the house emerald-iridescent brooch. Two large verandas with comfortable chairs and sofas, on which from time to time to jump nimble gray squirrel, eating Susini trees and flowers in tubs, when there is no one to fend them off.

Besides this passion for Antiques and motor vehicles, Philip is a regular at a small “gentlemen’s Club” four times a year, men gather to have dinner together somewhere nice local restaurant or cafe to discuss a variety of topics. Suzy also has his own hobby, many years ago, she founded the book “the Circle of reading friends.” It all started with the fact that she invited me home for lunch a few female friends, and they began to discuss the then-fictional innovations. The rumor about these “meetings” went to Washington County, many interested. These “gatherings” are held for almost a quarter of a century. Their essence is that women (in the club the number of participants ranges from ten to twenty and above at different times) agree in advance to read a certain book, and then gather and discuss it over a Cup of tea — queue at each of the participants. The next meeting will be held on the sixth of December this year, will discuss the book Elizabeth Straut “Everything is possible”. (The author of this article is also invited.)

The Mitchell — one machine for two, Phil and even a small collection of motorcycles — only three. Retired from time travel. “Usually, in my country, Canada, last year went to Spain,” says Susie. They can afford it — except for the accumulated during the work pensions (not to go into details), get a monthly state (social security). Philip — $ 2,100, Susie — 1200. For two out of 3300. I repeat — this is in addition to their accumulated pension. For my indiscreet question, how much per month they receive from their personal retirement savings, Susie replied: “you Can have all you want, but expect their spending”. Phil said: “We have enough money from the social pension, so their savings is not touch, or very rarely”. (Other American retirees I know that retirement in the United States can make, including social assistance, 3500 and even 4000 dollars. It is, of course, about former high-ranking officials, and about the middle class.)

But besides this, the pensioners the Mitchells have even today their own business: they completely legally and officially rent of his house and pay taxes for this. This is another good increase in pensions and state social assistance. By the way, the annual tax on a house for them is 50%, as travel on public transport. Phil clarified that the discount on taxes on the house are given to those who are more than 65 years and who have an annual income of less than 125 thousand dollars. Visits to the doctor provides them the state system Mеdicare together with the appropriate insurance. However, as Philip said, they still have monthly pay (each) $ 80 for Medicare and 300 for another health insurance plan. And thus it happens that they still do not cover all costs for doctors and medicines.

All American seniors live as Philip and Susan? No, they say, not all. And consider themselves to be middle peasants.

And now from the particular to the General. On average, American women retire at 65 years and men at 67. Although the age of retirement quite flexible. For those born before 1937, inclusive, the retirement age begins at 65 years of age, is born later it gradually increases. Citizens born in 1955 and younger can retire, having reached 66 years 2 months. You can also draw a pension early — at 62. But then the state pension will account for only 70% of the accrued and this amount will continue for the rest of my life.

According to U.S. experts, working legally and paying money to the state budget for the pension Fund, resident of the United States earns his pension already for 10 years. For the year legal work is charged four so-called point. To earn a state pension in the United States, must have accumulated 40 points — that is, to fulfill at least ten years.

In the United States also developed a program for the poor (and in General aid programmes — hundreds). It is activated when the accrued government pension amount lower than the subsistence minimum. Then such pensioner Supplement is additionally a certain amount to reach the subsistence level. In each state he’s in California, for example, this minimum is 980 dollars per month. Another program for low-income seniors allows you to get a voucher for the payment of rental housing in designated complexes only 25-30% of the total income of the pensioner.

Minimum state (social) pension for one of a citizen in the United States is $ 800. That is the least the state pension in the United States for the vast majority of Russian citizens (especially its hinterland) — an unattainable luxury neither in the near nor in the distant foreseeable future. Not to mention the highest level of American pensions. And the average for all States is around 1200-1300 dollars. Most in America, the state appreciates the work of the military, police, firefighters, teachers, officials — they receive a higher state pension.

However, as I mentioned, in addition to social, the majority of Americans have accrued additional pension. Every employee donates a certain portion of wages into private pension funds, which is not taxed. To motivate people, the company adds their portion of the money (usually 10-15%, the most successful firms — even up to 50% of the investments of the employee). Often, these monthly payments with the onset of retirement age exceeds the state pension. (I know an American of Serbian origin, who has worked in the US all my life as a cleaner and now has a combined state and accumulated pension is four thousand dollars a month. Accent: she’s a lady.)

Life in America, according to our Russian salaries and pensions, especially the infamous 150-250 dollars, the vast majority of the population certainly seems prohibitively expensive. However, the American retirees are even below the average level of my friend couple of Mitchells, live quite well. Many of them, after retirement, gain a second breath — live in pleasure, doing your favorite hobby or traveling the world. Looking at them, it becomes insulting to tears over our privates, but no worse than American, and grandparents. After all, not to mention the United States, but even in such poor countries as Serbia or Portugal, pensions are higher than in our country with oil, gas, diamonds and other multi-billion dollar wealth. Country, persistently claiming the role of a global player, is unable to provide even their own citizens a decent standard of living. Sad.



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