To Dyson shared details of the “breakthrough” electric car


В Dyson поделились подробностями о "прорывном" электрокареMachine will have unusual characteristics and interesting design.

The electric car developed by the British company Dyson, get range, which is 50-100% exceed the similar indicator of any of the existing electric cars.

This was stated by Executive Director Max Dyson the End.

According to him, this will be achieved thanks to our own technologies for the production of batteries and electric motors.

The vast majority of modern electric vehicles have a relatively small range of travel on a single battery charge. This average is 160-180 km. Tesla Model S P100D series-produced electric car with the largest range of stroke, can drive on one battery charge a little more than 500 kilometers.

The main problem of small range of speed of electric cars is the low energy density of batteries, which batteries get heavy with a relatively small capacitance. To increase the capacity of the battery, researchers are trying different ways, including different compositions of the electrolyte.

After the start of series production electric car, the Dyson does not actively develop a network of charging stations, as do other companies. According to the End of, the range of the new electric vehicle will be large enough that many drivers were not worried about the need to recharge during the trip.

That Dyson, is known for designing and manufacturing cyclonic vacuum cleaners and hand dryers, has been developing its own electric vehicle, became known at the end of September this year. About the new development staff of the company said its founder, James Dyson corporate email newsletter.

According to the Dyson, his company intends to invest into development of the electric vehicle 2.7 billion dollars. Half of this amount will be spent on developing new batteries for electric vehicles. The Dyson electric car will use batteries with a solid electrolyte rather than the traditional for the modern machines of this class Li-ion batteries.

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New electric car should be launched into serial production in 2020. Currently on the project of electric vehicle employs about 400 people, including engineers, who previously worked in the British company Aston Martin, the American and the German BMW. Other details about prospective car is still unknown.


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