To Dodge admitted that the new electric car can not compete


В Dodge признались, что новый электромобиль не выдерживает конкуренции 2018 Challenger Demon can not compete with the high-performance carts.

As is known in the international market with the growing demand for cars equipped with hybrid or electric propulsion systems. This factor is easily explained by the fact that such vehicles do not pollute the atmosphere unlike cars that run on gasoline or diesel fuel.

The first electric cars, the benefits of which we discussed earlier, is not known for its speed, but over time they become more powerful and productive. For example, many electric cars can travel up to 600 km without recharging, which provides completely comfortable environment for the owner.

Another advantage of electric vehicles is savings, because electricity costs to consumers much cheaper than gasoline fuel.

This market situation was the impetus for what the leading producers of the world began to doubt their abilities.

For example, the representatives of the American company Dodge, which is known worldwide for its production of heavy-duty vehicles, recently admitted that the updated Dodge Challenger 2018 Demon, though, and is very productive, can’t compete with cars that are not intended for mass production.

Under a veiled phrase is that the Americans still recognized that lose out in competition with the leading manufacturers of sports and electric vehicles.

To doubt that the Dodge Challenger 2018 Demon can not compete with the high-performance carts is not necessary. After studying the specifications, you can easily come to the conclusion that “Demon” loses known electrochro Bugatti Chiron, the capacity of the power plant which is 1479 HP

Recall that the power of the engine of Dodge Demon Challenger 2018 is 840 HP

It is noteworthy that Challenger Demon was developed in a special version designed for hard conditions and the passage of the racing experience. At the same time Dodge was forced to admit that their “child” will not be able to win the race more powerful electric car Tesla Model S P100D.

Many car experts have noted that the American company Dodge, without knowing it, created a powerful advertisement for the leading manufacturers of secretarul, whose sales may increase significantly.


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