“To die on the night shift to scrape together for food”


«Погибать на ночных сменах, чтобы наскрести на еду»

He recalled one experiment, when a student of one of the universities decided to live on a stipend in 1572 of the ruble. Survived and lost 5 pounds, and proved to eat on that kind of money really. Of course, if we exclude the average of the importance of the products and switch to buckwheat with egg, you will succeed. But how long will you last?


You know, in the years of my study in Saint Petersburg I came across one UNIVERSITY, in which finger I DAB will not, but not mentioned in this case I can’t.

A little background from what I have burnt fiercely: today in St. Petersburg launched the “teaching season”, which was opened by the acting Governor Alexander Beglov. He was asked about the size of the grant, which is small. The acting, of course, promised to help, including and restoration of buildings, which in some universities is really shabby, at least on the outside. Guys, of course, did not specify what it is exactly the size, but now I will tell what the scholarship was to me.

So, my University is a large complex that includes several buildings, one of which was a hostel. The hostel was worth 1100 rubles a month! I when friends told me they were a bit shocked, but then I finished them, telling the scholarship, which was equal to 1 100 roubles! Circulation of money in the University.

It was a scholarship for b. Honors as “bathed in gold” getting on 400 roubles more. Logic – class: live and learn, eat later (after I finish UNIVERSITY).

So infernal fury is both the management of higher educational institutions, and these sobs bordering on begging.

I will be very glad if one day every student a b + or an a student will be able to study and get your College money that will help them continue to study well and not to die on night shifts in bars or anywhere else, trying to scrape his food.
Because even though that someone happened to live on the standard scholarship, few will want to live in such conditions for many years. That remains to work to afford what you want.


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