To Canada will be delivered by Ukrainian bees


В Канаду завезут украинских пчел The population of bees in North America is rapidly declining.

Carpathian bees of Ukraine will help to save canadian that are on the verge of extinction.

This was stated by the Ambassador of Canada in Ukraine Roman Vashchuk on his Twitter page, writes “Voice of America”.

According to the Ambassador, the knowledge and skills of Ukrainian beekeepers “all-Ukrainian brotherhood of beekeepers of Ukraine” and the actual bees from Ukraine will help canadian beekeepers to meet the challenges facing canadian populations of beneficial insects.

Partner of Ukrainian beekeepers will be canadian Niagara Beeway project, which aims at the restoration and preservation of the environment in Canada.

“With delight, already buzzed. George Scott of the Niagara Beeway and with Tetyana Vasylkivska with announced a joint effort to help the bee population in Canada, their knowledge and Carpathian bees,” – said in a Twitter Ambassador of Canada in Ukraine.

Numerous researchers have reported on the reduction in the population of bees in North America as a whole.


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