Tired of Elon Musk manipulative behavior? You are no alone anymore!


Hacker collective Anonymous targets Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The group announced this in a YouTube video on Saturday. What Anonymous will do is not yet known.

The group accuses the top man of manipulating the prices of cryptocurrencies for his own gain. Anonymous claims that Musk does this by alternately writing positive and negative messages about different types of cryptocurrencies.

The Collective says that the South African businessman is “destroying lives”. In mid-May, the bitcoin became worth considerably less, after the Musk announced that Tesla would no longer accept the cryptocurrency.

According to Anonymous, lost environmental subsidies are the main reason. The group claims that the subsidies are more profitable than the sale of the electric cars, because mining cryptocurrencies requires a lot of energy and is therefore not environmentally friendly.

The hackers group also claims that Musk has no problem installing dictatorial regimes to get resources that its companies need. According to Anonymous, he also agrees with the exploitation of children and the environmental pollution involved in the extraction of these raw materials.


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