Tinkoff under Siege by Russian Trolls

Tinkov battles the accusation of being US national


Oleg Tinkov (also spelled as Tinkoff for marketing reasons) is battling a horde of Russian media trolls as his United States citizenship was accidentally revealed by his own bank staff. While making a standard beneficiary statement the TCS («Tinkoff Credit Systems» bank) has attributed the owner nationality as «US».

Later the bank has attempted to conceal the US citizenship of Oleg Tinkov. In the same time Tinkov has rejected that he is or ever was a citizen of USA and attempted to apply a legal pressure on the media outlets. This led to media war Tinkoff is shamelessly loosing.

Tinkov legal team has legally chased the Wek.ru online news media in an attempt to defend «dignity and business reputation» of his client. However it is quite unusual to consider that US passport is somewhat harmful for both dignity and reputation. As far as we know the sides have agreed to close the argument outside of courtyard.

TCS Tinkoff Credit System Bank statement on benfeiciaries

Tinkoff Credit System officialy stated that it’s owner is citizen of USA

It was only beginning of Tinkov’s troubles. Journalists are ready approach the IRS to verify that Tinkov:

  • Is really an American taxpayer
  • Has filled his tax returns in accordance with the laws of US

It is not exactly the best time for any Russian businessmen, especially in bad need of new credits to reveal his American citizenship while begging new credits from the Russian state banks to battle insolvency.

Tinkov is battling trolls

Tinkov denies holding US passport

Could it be proven Tinkov will have problems far more severe than public opinion degradation. The IRS will held him accountable for the taxes purportedly unpaid. In that case he will loose the battle with trolls on the both fronts – at «home» in Russia and at «home» in USA.

Tinkov is one of the troubled pioneers of the business movement in Russia. Many of his projects gone bankrupt while others are still performing reasonably fine.


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