Tina was intrigued by spicy photoset


The singer nearly bared Breasts in new photo shoot.

Ukrainian singer Tina Karol, who in the New year was in the arms of a well-known leader, has pleased fans with new footage.

Celebrity took part in a black and white photo shoot.

In the photo the star appears in a black velvet dress and long gloves above the elbow. The other picture shows one of the straps of the dress seemed to slip off the shoulder, and Tina playfully covered one breast with a hand.

“Juicy photos”, “Beautiful, elegant, feminine”, “Extraordinary and stylish”, “Very interesting dress, but Tina anything goes! Impressive, original, stylish!” – admire the followers of a celebrity.

But there were those who did not quite understand the way of the performer. “Shapoklyak young”, “All the beauty of her spoiled,” protested the other users.


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