Tina was intrigued by his fans


Тина Кароль заинтриговала своих фанатовFavorite Ukrainian public promised his fans and admirers that they are in for a surprise.

Tina has a huge army of fans that are scattered around the world, but from their distance do not change their preferences. Recently, the singer congratulated his fan club happy birthday and expressed all his gratitude to the participants that all of the 11 years she performs on stage, they support it. On his official page in Instagram Tina rarely shares fresh photos and sometimes even a few days / weeks absent, what upsets her fans, though, still going to wait for news from the beloved singer.

This time, Karol decided to intrigue the subscribers in the social network and posted a picture, which depicted a shooting pavilion with a delicate and beautiful decorations. Signed by the artist this photo: “Prepare for you something new and very interesting❤ I Intrigued?”. Of course, this message and photo from singer, intrigued the audience, who immediately decided that Tina is shooting a new clip. Just over half an hour about 2 thousand people have clicked on the little heart under the photo, and many of them could not resist and began to ask Carol about the upcoming surprise.

By the way, Tina Karol have not indulged fans with fresh ideas, so if it still shoots a new video, it will be one of the most coveted Premier singer.

Тина Кароль заинтриговала своих фанатов


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