Tina open up about his personal life


Celebrity gave a Frank interview.

Ukrainian singer Tina Karol has shared details of his personal life.

So, the celebrity spoke about his nine-year-old son Benjamin, who is now studying in England in an interview.

It is worth noting that the celebrity is now busy touring schedule, but despite this, He finds time to communicate with her little son: “He often communicates with me by phone, by Skype. Says: “mene all Garazd!” Says when he goes “to bed” when the school, reports that he gathered his things before lessons,” – said the singer. Also Tina said that the son in the British school special order of the day: “School until five in the evening. He went there again at seven in the morning. And there learning, and games. All in English,” says Karol.

In addition, the son of the singer is a real patriot of his country: he visits the Ukrainian club and danced the hopak.


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