Tina Karol surprised no make-up appearance


Star without makeup looks like 18-year-old girl.

Last week, the 1+1 TV channel started shooting a new ninth season of the vocal project voice of the country, one of the coaching chairs which took pop diva scene Ukrainian Tina Karol.

The actress became the guests of the morning program snidanok z 1+1. In the Studio show Tina openly told how she worked with the men’s team: “Sometimes blushing cheeks”. Recognition of the singer discussed everything.

Now Tina Karol, which announced cost performances at corporate and gave the public new reason for discussion. Thus, the admirers of the Ukrainian pop singer met darling at the international airport in Boryspil and hurried to take some photos for memory.

Despite the fact that Tina was without makeup and styling, she did not refuse fans asked to take a picture. The pictures appeared on the official fan page of the singer in Instagram. Users of the social network were delighted from the appearance of Tina Karol. In the comments under the post they noted that the actress looks young: “it’s Like 18 years old, looks very young, Tenochca”, “big-Eyed beauty”, “Tenochca is love!”.


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