Tina Karol has excited fans of appetizing forms


New stage costume Tina will not leave anyone indifferent.

On the page of Tina Karol Instagram has a new photo with her concerts to Ukraine. In her wardrobe there’s a new outfit – a Trouser suit consisting of a short top and tight pants accentuating her unsurpassed beautiful figure.

Flat tummy and delicious curves of the body of Tina Karol was fascinated by instagram is public, so her new photo liked more than 20 thousand users of the social network. Comments under the photos of the singer in her unusual outfit – solid compliments.

One of podeschi singer wrote that at first glance does not recognize her confused with Jennifer Lopez.

“Very beautiful))”, “Goddess!”, “The best!”, “Pretty! Thin gorgeous) Goddess!”, so appreciated the image of Tina Karol with her followers.


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