Tina boasted slender legs in a revealing dress


The star never ceases to experiment with images.

Popular Ukrainian singer Tina Karol often shares with fans on the social network Instagram with new photos and details of creative life.

They also have several fan pages of the actress, which often appear in her photos. This time the singer showed the frame where posing in a seductive manner.

The photo that appeared in the account of the star, she poses in a revealing black dress that bares long legs in black tights. As seen in the photo, Tina didn’t wear a dress bra and nipples through it translucent. Over the dress the actress was wearing a pink coat, which is more like a Terry cloth robe.

Tina looks into the camera. She slightly bent down, put his head down and looks at her knees. Hair of the singer disbanded and fall on the face, which is visible bright make-up with your favorite red lipstick Tina. The star has not signed your photo, leaving only a few hashtags. The fans did not remain indifferent and asleep compliments a new photo of Tina Karol, and her seductive sensual image.

“What’s the arrow on the tights, Tina?”, “Beautiful and not plastic”, “Too hot. Girl, you are fire”, “Chic”, “fascinate”, “probably Cold”, “Very hot”, “Take the head, no words”, “cool Tights”, “Pretty pretty”, “I’m in shock,” “Divine,” “Our Queen”, “Hot”, “Kamensky learned?”, “The best!” “Beautiful feet”, “Beauty”, “how do you this space?”, “The endorphins come on, the fantasy went. Was around you the whole world turns!”, write enthusiastic fans of Tina Karol in the comments to her pictures.


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