Tina and Nadya Dorofeeva chose the same dress


Singer has chosen a dress by Ukrainian brand.

Tina and Nadezhda Dorofeeva came out in matching dresses. The choice of the Ukrainian singers fell on sexy dress mini shiny stones from Ukrainian designer Ivan Frolov.

Singer Tina Karol chose this outfit to the quarter-finals of the TV show “dancing with the stars”. The pair had to speak to the live performance of popular artists. Tina Karol sang for a couple Irakli Makatsaria and Jan Hare.

Pop diva complements the image of a translucent Cape and a coat from Burberry, $ 800.

Nadia Dorofeyeva wearing the same dress to the awards ceremony M1 Music Awards. Your outfit actress added jewelry from APPA Norova and the transparent jacket.


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