Timeless Styles for Your Flower Girls on your Wedding Day


Every bride’s dream is to have a perfect wedding and a happy marriage. With all her friends and family sending love and best wishes, she wants to have a complete entourage on a very serene venue, having all the beautiful flowers and other decors.

Flower girls are the youngest and the cutest members of the wedding entourage. They can be considered to complete the entourage as some weddings do not really have flower girls, instead, they only have bridesmaids to help the bride before, during and after the wedding ceremony.

As a bride who has a complete entourage, your approval for the dresses, as well as the accessories such as wedding flowers, fascinator or head piece and sometimes even shoes, is very important for all the girls, young and old. Hence, here are some possibilities to choose from for the flower girl dresses of the very young and adorable girls.

White Flower Girl Dresses

Most brides ask wedding planners what would be the best color for the flower girls to wear. White is always among the answers. White flower girl dresses do not really age. They always go with every season and whatever the theme color of the wedding is. This color further gives the little girls the feeling of being real small brides who are walking down the aisle.

Ivory Flower Girl Dresses

These dresses are usually the next option to white flower girl dresses as the color is close to white. They are often referred to as off-white color. Just like the white flower girl dresses, they do not age with time.

Ball-gown Flower Girl Dresses

Since 1900’s when Disney movies/cartoons came out, ball gown dresses being worn by the characters have been loved by little children. The movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which is one of the earliest released movies is until now being played in televisions of which the dresses worn are still being treasured. By wearing this style, it lets the little girl experience how to be like Snow White or Cinderella even just for a day.

A-line/Princess Style Dresses

These dresses are similar to ball gown dresses. The difference is ball gown dresses have fuller skirts of which makes the style be worn only on limited occasions like weddings, birthdays and beauty contests. On the other hand, A-line dresses are styles that can be worn for all occasions which still includes weddings.

Lace Flower Girl Dresses

Lace flower girl dresses are usually the best options if you are looking to have vintage style dresses. Vintage styles maybe considered ancient styles physically however still original and cherished as time goes by. The style does not really fade. Furthermore, the lace fabric on the dress, especially if hand-made, indicates a high-quality dress because of the web design of the lace.

Every wedding is unique according to what the bride or the couple prefers. The above are just optional styles for the bride to choose from as they are styles for flower girl dresses that do not really weaken as time passes. There are also a lot of stores, both online such as JJ’s House and offline stores such as Macys, where you can find these lovely options.


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