Through innovation the company Bejo speed up the selection of hybrid varieties


Благодаря инновациям компания Bejo ускорит отбор гибридных сортов

A world leader in lighting Signify N. V. (formerly Philips Lighting N. V.) and the Dutch agricultural Bejo, which is engaged in the breeding, production and selling of vegetable seeds, announced close cooperation in the field of creation and check of working qualities of new varieties and hybrids of plants.

Increasingly agronomists complain of the vicissitudes of the weather during the harvest. Because of the heat, drought and flood they gather smaller harvests of corn or soybeans. In conditions when weather becomes increasingly unpredictable, the world resumed its experiments with the cultivation of plants in artificial light, according to “КазахЗерно.kz”.

People learned to replace the light and heat of the sun first by fire and then electricity. Ahead of the switch to nuclear energy. Everything is moving and developing, but not growing. Still agronomists believe that valuable plant products can be obtained only in the sunlight. Meanwhile, scientists are increasingly inclined to believe that the use of artificial light in growing plants will allow you to harvest faster, and besides, excellent quality. Thanks to him you can direct the synthesis of beneficial for agronomists side.

This took the company Bejo in cooperation with Signify. It creates new varieties and hybrids by a system of artificial lighting and control from the company Signify – Philips Grow Wise. They greatly speed up the plant growth, reproduction, without ignoring the atmosphere in the room. Now the growth of experimental plants accelerate in two or three times in a matter of minutes.

What seeds to use on their farms, plantations and orchards experienced growers, agronomists and farmers? They choose seed material for planting carefully, giving preference to varieties which was approved by the breeders. In forty-five countries around the world the best seed produces the Dutch company Bejo.

Typically, the plant blooms once a year, but due to the introduction of dynamic led backlight it can bloom several times a year. Its Creator – the company Signify. With its help, creating adequate lighting for the plants and accelerate the process of vegetation. It quickly goes through a phase of vegetative growth, allowing you to harvest faster than using sunlight. While breeders can influence plant varieties, slowing down or speeding up their growth, if conditions warrant. For a long time the company Bejo, as the Agronews, avoiding artificial lighting during the test phase of new plant varieties and hybrids. This selection is suitable for growing varieties of crops left for 10-15 years. Now he went faster through the introduction of artificial lighting. In particular, faster has launched a new fast-growing variety of sorghum called Saturn.

Company Signify and Bejo are planning to continue our cooperation. Now they face a new challenge: how to provide artificial lighting a large area with agricultural land. For this we need new organic compounds with high energy potential. The new technology will allow us to grow bred high-yielding and disease resistant hybrids faster.


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