Three-quarters of the businessmen considered the economic situation in Russia is catastrophic


Три четверти бизнесменов сочли состояние экономики России катастрофическим

While Rosstat reports Russian GDP growth for six consecutive quarters, representatives of businesses operating in the real sector massively complain about the degradation of the situation and risk of bankruptcy.

About the crisis in the economy has stated 73% of major businesses and 77% of small and medium, it follows from a survey conducted by VTSIOM.

On “good” economic situation in the country said only 4% of respondents. The degradation of the situation noticed all entrepreneurs, regardless of the scale of activity.


50% reported that despite the promise of the authorities not to increase the tax burden, in fact, taxes have increased, almost two-thirds complained of double-digit growth of tariffs of natural monopolies (on average about 16%)

Almost as many – 63% – said that last year the situation of their business has deteriorated (against 59% a year ago). 23% stated that next year they will have to curtail operations or even withdraw from the market.

The survey was attended by 1.4 thousands of business owners and top managers of the 9 non-oil sectors – from construction and communications to education and manufacturing industry.


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