Three main competitor to the Tesla pickup truck


Another new product announced startup for the production of electric cars Fisker.

Elon Musk has announced that within two or three months, finally will be a presentation of a pickup truck Tesla, but electric cars will appear at least three serious competitor.

The number of American companies also announced the release of a production pick-UPS, transfers the Internet-edition of the with reference to TSN.

Thus, the CEO of a startup Fisker Henrik Fisker presented on Twitter the teaser of his electropica wrote that “all car segments needs to be electrified”. After the release of the electric SUV brand, which will compete with Model X and Model Y, the company will release it in the truck.

In addition, a U.S. startup Rivian is also working on R1T – electric pickup truck with an impressive claimed mileage of 650 km. in addition, the vehicle needs to obtain a power plant that will provide power 754 HP and torque of 1120 nm.

Another serious competitor of Tesla pickup truck will appear at Ford. The company has recently been testing its electric F-150 that towed cars. Overall the Ford pickup during the test was able to carry 450 tons of cargo.


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