Thousands of Android smartphones are employed in the mining of cryptocurrencies


Smartphones running Android have become victims of hackers, greedy cryptocurrencies. As it became known company Malwarebytes, some web resources, identifying that they are connected with a smartphone, redirect them to special sites with captcha, ostensibly to check on the person.

After passing inspection, the user unknowingly give hackers access to your Android smartphone, and they can start to use the CPU for mining of cryptocurrencies, in particular, Monero. The report Malwarebytes said that they have already identified 5 major sites on the Internet that deal with such – one of them reaches a monthly audience of 30 million people or 1 million people a day.

The names of the sites we bring are not going to avoid libel, but they are listed in the official report. Thus, each of you can become a victim of fraud, so not worth the extra time to pass a captcha – it is better to visit another resource with similar themes. To reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of a crime, you need to set the browsers that support extensions or even web filters, and this applies to both smartphones and desktops. In addition, download applications and programs should only from trusted sources, and in this case nobody will be able to make your smartphone or PC mine cryptocurrency without your knowledge.


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