Those who lose weight, but these seven “healthy” substitutions of wheat flour


Тем, кто худеет: названы семь "здоровых" замен пшеничной мукиNutritionists drew attention to the useful figure types of flour.

We all know that wheat flour and products made from it, and harm the figure, and provoke a set of excess weight. But only a few know what kind of flour can be eaten without harm to the waist and hips.

Wheat flour and Goten

Wheat flour is a champion of the gluten – the substance which when consumed regularly lead to obesity and related diseases.

Some people have an individual intolerance of gluten – a condition called celiac disease, in which case they are physically unable to consume the products that it contains, in particular those that are composed of wheat flour.

Doctors have listed seven alternative substitutes for wheat flour:

Oatmeal – due to the large amount of fiber and valuable vitamins it is one of the most useful types of flour, like by itself, oatmeal;

Almond – it can help you not only lose weight but also to improve the condition of skin and hair, strengthen blood vessels and the immune system, accelerate metabolism, normalize blood pressure and in General to take care of the health of the heart and blood vessels.;

Rice – especially useful for children, but adults should not refuse it, because it has lots of vitamins, micro – and macro-elements which have a favorable effect on health;

Buckwheat – contains the same nutrients, and buckwheat, because preparing of it, namely, increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood, tonifies and nourishes the body with energy, cleanses the intestines and helps to lose weight;

Coconut is a rather exotic and not a budget product, but it tastes good and is good for the heart, blood vessels and digestive system;

Chickpeas – rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants, so in General very healthy;

Corn – contains a minimum of calories, lowers blood pressure and helps to lose weight.

These flours do not contain gluten and can be used in the preparation of bakery products, muffins, cakes, cookies.


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