Those who do not like milk, but these calcium-rich foods


Тем, кто не любит молоко: названы продукты богатые кальциемIt turns out that to get the calcium may even those people who never consume dairy products.

For anybody not news the fact that calcium is one of essential trace elements, thanks to which it supports the health of bone and muscle tissue. Consuming enough calcium daily, while it is 700 mg for an adult, you can be sure that bones and teeth strong and healthy.

What about those who do not consume dairy products?

Few know that calcium is contained not only in milk, yogurt, cheese and cottage cheese, but also in products such

Red beans – 100 g contains 90 mg of calcium, white beans – 175 mg/100 g.

Oranges – 40 mg of calcium per 100 g.

A chicken egg contains 27 mg of calcium.

Shrimp – 100 g of as much as 110 mg of calcium.

Cabbage is almost the champion of non-milk products, and contains 210 mg of calcium per 100 g

A true record of calcium – sesame seeds, 100 g fit 890 mg useful trace element, and it is even more body daily requirement of an adult.

In 100 grams of sardines contains 420 mg of calcium.

Almonds can also be called one of the most calcium-rich food, unrelated to kislomolochny, because in 100 grams of this nut is 264 mg of calcium.

In everyone’s favorite chocolate contains 60 mg/100g.

Figs holds up to 135 mg of calcium.

Raisins are also slightly enriched in calcium and 100 grams has 50 mg of this element.

Include the above foods in their daily diet, especially if you do not consume dairy products. Moreover, they all contain not only calcium, but also many other nutrients.

Doctors recommend to make the diet so that all the necessary health vitamins and minerals fall into the body with food in the amount that is considered sufficient.


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