This vegetable can slow the aging process


Этот овощ способен замедлить старение организма The easiest vegetable may help in the prevention of deadly diseases.

Fisetin, which is contained in this composition at first glance, a simple product can help the body cope with the development of various diseases, including cancer.

As it became known from the results of the work of American scientists, a flavanol of fisetin has all the properties of antiseptic and anti-inflammatory drugs. Scientists have found that using cucumber can suppress the development of cancer and aging. This conclusion was made after an experiment on rodents mice. Also, thanks fisetin can eliminate the beginning of the diseases that directly affect the Central nervous system.

But best of all, this component suppresses cancer cells and relieves inflammation.

There is an exception, in which the substance use is strictly not recommended — is Huntington’s disease. This component in this disease may lead to disastrous results, as it is a genetic disease. As you know, genetic diseases not yet treatable, they can be suspended. In cucumbers of fisetin contains the most. In second place on its contents, the scientists put the strawberries.

Diet, based on vegetables, will help to reduce blood pressure, keep cholesterol at a low level, to reduce the risk of cancer, balance the amount of sugar in the blood. But even knowing these advantages, we prefer harmful sweets, processed foods and fatty snacks.

According to studies, the average adult consuming 2,000 calories daily should eat two and a half plate of vegetables a day.

In order to be inspired to revise your diet, it is enough to learn about the several benefits of consumption of more vegetables.


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