This stained colors skateboard sold for $20 thousand. Photo


Этот измазанный красками скейтборд продали за $20 тысяч. ФотоAn unusual work of art.

British artist Adrian Wilson created a skateboard stained colors from the palette and sold it for 20 thousand dollars.

The work, entitled Supreme Mundi on the reverse side contains a copy of the logo of the American brand Supreme, as well as its name alludes to the work of Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi (the Savior of the world), sold in 2017 for $ 450 million.

The buyer of the skateboard was a former art gallery owner John Satin, he bought this thing on eBay for private collection of his client, whose name refused to name.

Этот измазанный красками скейтборд продали за $20 тысяч. Фото

Work of Wilson was inspired as a sale of da Vinci’s paintings, at Christie’s, and the phenomenon, when the skaters line up in long queues to buy new merchandise the street wear brands like Supreme.

The artist has been invited to present his skateboard was made from the same palette you used restorer Dianne Dwyer, Modestine during the painstaking recovery of the Savior of the world. “If this palette was used for filling in the missing parts of the picture, said Wilson, she has a direct relationship with the works of Leonardo da Vinci.”

Этот измазанный красками скейтборд продали за $20 тысяч. Фото

“Just as Christie’s put the Savior of the world for sale modern art with Basquiat, I had to find the way that the palette would appeal to a generation of fashionistas,” added Wilson, noting that representatives of the new generation are more interested in “glory in social networks than the history of art”.


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