This popular porridge can protect the body from cancer


Эта популярная каша может защитить организм от онкологииOatmeal contains more beneficial dietary fiber than whole wheat bread.

The “classic” oatmeal, that is welded from the oat grain and not made from cereals, will improve the health of almost any man. The opinion came after a recent study, researchers from the University of Newcastle.

Who led the study, Dr. Kris Force said that a bowl of oatmeal for Breakfast on the degree of its usefulness can compare not only what the product.

“Oatmeal contains more beneficial dietary fiber than whole wheat bread. Also, it is very little fats and sugars, but the presence of the minerals: magnesium, iron, copper and b vitamins”, – he spoke in this regard.

In particular, the above study presented evidence that a daily consumption of 70-gram serving of oatmeal reduces the level of dangerous cholesterol in arteries 7% – a result comparable to the effect of taking drugs-the statins. And, unlike medications, the oatmeal does not carry the risk of any unwanted complications.

According to scientists, after a dish of oatmeal in the stomach forms a gel substance that coats the walls and cause a feeling of satiety. But the most useful property of such a gel is that it is the perfect food for the good bacteria that strengthen the immune system and protect against inflammation associated with development of cancer.

This ability provides the oatmeal included in its composition a substance beta-glucan, scientists say.


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