This nurse is the most seductive in the world. Photo


The girl spends a lot of time in the gym.

Lauren of dreyn from Florida, USA, claiming the title of “the hottest nurses in the world,” says that following the right diet and training regime can anyone help to create an amazing figure.

31-year-old Lauren of dreyn is a cardiac nurse and a personal trainer, and talented selfie girl helped her to gain a huge online audience.

Lauren began her career in healthcare at the age of 16 years and for more than 8 years is a cardiac nurse, which has 3.6 million followers on Instagram.

A lover of fitness uses every opportunity to defend and promote the belief that an active lifestyle is the key to long-term health.

Lauren says: “After 8 years in the professional health care I have never seen any natural athlete who got stuck in a terrible health crisis”.

“There is a reason: a healthy lifestyle, an active lifestyle decrease the risk of disease and contribute to General well-being.”

However, after several years of helping patients in hospitals of dreyn realized that it has a negative impact on her own health.

The girl felt the work overload, overwork, overweight, fatigue and extreme irritability, so I decided to take control of their own lives and changing priorities, while continuing to help people.

“I wanted to be healthy, strong, confident woman, actively preventing disease, not to treat them with pills and drugs,” she said.

Now Lauren has his own fitness website, through which she helps others to reach their true potential.


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