“This kind of savagery”: hundreds of people remain without gas because of the world Cup


"Это какая-то дикость": сотни екатеринбуржцев останутся без газа из-за ЧМ по футболу

In Ekaterinburg inhabitants ZHSK “the West” for a month will be left without gas, while the city hosts the world Cup. This unpleasant news for the residents learned from the ads that they have hung near the entrances.

Show completely… People explained that to live without gas they have because of the decree of the President and security rules, which at the time of the tournament must be suspended threat of production (in those areas where there are enhanced security measures in connection with the 2018 world Cup).

— Our house is situated between the Broad River and Academic. It is far from the Central stadium! My grandmother lives much closer to the “Yekaterinburg Arena”, and it does not disable going. This is the kind of savagery! — outraged local resident Diana.

In the housing and construction cooperative, explained why they decided to temporarily disconnect from natural gas.

— Came to us from Rostekhnadzor gas operated and gas works are not carried out. The problem is that we have a high pressure gas suitable 14 kilograms per square centimeter, so to us this paper and given. There is an order, and we are forced to implement it, — said the Chairman of the cooperative “Ocheretino, 11” Vladimir Mikheev.

The action of this regulation extends to 14 houses. According to the Chairman, the pipeline would not stand idle. Month forced break will be spent on services and to prepare gas infrastructure for the winter.

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