This is the first Rolls-Royce brought to Ukraine


Так выглядит первый Rolls-Royce, привезенный в УкраинуThe car was bought by a merchant from Odessa.

The Ukrainian representative office of Rolls-Royce was published interesting historical archival information.
According to her, the first car of the brand was brought to Ukraine in 1914.

Judging from the archives, 105 years ago, the merchant of Odessa has acquired a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Colonial in the layout of the cabriolet which was delivered to him by the dealer from France – the only representative of car brands in Europe.

The buyer’s name – Horatio cook. Interestingly, he was originally from Odessa, although the name of his Italian, a surname English. Horatio was born in a family of merchants from Bristol, who moved to Odessa in the 50-ies of the XIX century. Engaged in the merchant supplies the automotive equipment.

Alas, the owner was able to use the machine only a few years before 1917 until the revolution began. The car was hidden, because the new government planned to confiscate.In the future, the merchant moved to the USA and moved their cars.

Так выглядит первый Rolls-Royce, привезенный в Украину

Так выглядит первый Rolls-Royce, привезенный в Украину


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